Bringing My Baby To The Dark Side

If you've ever had a baby, met a baby, or known anyone who's ever met a know they're bat guano crazy. You have probably also heard rumors about how they turn a good night's sleep into a mythical faraway land. Probably the only thing crazier than a baby is the lengths their parents will go to to keep them happy (read: quiet). 

At one point my husband and I had been trying to get our crazy Buggles down for so long that I sent him to try to get a few hours rest in the basement before work. Left to battle the beast alone, I eventually had to walk away for a few minutes to avoid a good old-fashioned pillow smothering while she continued to scream like a banshee. I collected myself, and then, utilizing our fancy baby monitor walkie-talkie feature, my sleep deprived brain decided to start talking to her in the cadence of one James Earl Jones: Buggles, I am your mother. You must come to the dark side and go to sleep. 

Baby. Silence.  

The next logical step was to start the Vader breathing. She fell asleep within 10 minutes. It was the first time she'd slept in 879 years. Obviously I continued doing this for every nap and bedtime until I couldn't stand how horribly dry and uncomfortable it made my teeth... My friend (and hero) directed me to a YouTube video of Darth Vader breathing for ten hours and thanks to modern technology, the best white noise track of all time was born. 

And because the desperate-parent-self-help books told me to, I decided I would also introduce a lovey for sleep time. So obviously I made her her own little Darth. 

photo (1).JPG

Unfortunately she had already loved it quite a bit before I got a photo, so poor Mr. Vader is looking a bit disheveled.




I used this Knight Lovey pattern as inspiration and modified the head to meet my needs. 

 I think she likes it. 

I think she likes it. 

What lengths have you gone to to make your baby sleep?