Madeleine's Ladder To The Stars

Madgie's Ladder To The Stars.jpg

When I was asked to create a custom illustration for a little girl's birthday party with the direction of "I trust you", I jumped at the chance. Madeleine turned 7 this fall and her mother wanted her to have a keepsake gift for a girl that is truly one-of-a-kind. She gave me a few guidelines about her favorite colors and her love of birds and bugs and gave me free reign over the canvas (every artist's dream!). We ended up with a sort of atypical portrait.

I like to sneak personal things into commissioned pieces. The little cape you see Madeleine wearing is her 'diggy', her favorite blanket. And the house in the background belongs to her grandparents and is one of her favorite places to be. 

Happy birthday, Madgie! I hope being seven is the absolute best!