Tip Of The Hat Tuesday: Trick Or Treat Edition


I'm the quintessential procrastinator. I find excuses to put things off until it's a full scramble. Luckily I work well under pressure. 

Last Halloween I came up with a somewhat obscure, but very easy and, dare I say, hilarious costume (to the Arrested Development fans who got the reference). The total cost was something like $0.53 since I used entirely things we already had aside from the grey foam I used to make the hook hand. She's a mooooonsteeeeeer!!!!


 Baby Buster and Loose Seal

Baby Buster and Loose Seal

This year the baby-daddy and I were having a hard time coming up with something equally as awesome for the Buggles to wear. And this year we were taking her trick-or-treating, so the pressure was really on. After being pretty letdown by the selection of baby items at Goodwill we found something that looked like a little red cape. My husband won the day with his suggestion of utilizing it to make her Nibbler from Futurama. Begin compulsive crochet time!  

Ensemble costumes are always best, so throw in my sweet baby niece, Moon Pie as Bender, and my friend's delicious baby Bert as Zoidberg and we were all set.  



I had about 3 days to come up with the costumes. Luckily I am blessed/cursed with an over abundance of yarn. Each hat was based on a basic beanie pattern and modified amigurumi spheres. Basically - I was winging it. This didn't give us much time to come up with adult costumes, but my resourceful Hubbin found some fabric scraps and googly eyes we had lying around. Throw in a toilet paper tube and a couple of barrettes and were possessed by brain slugs.

All in all the cost of all of the costumes was somewhere around $15, thanks to resourcefulness and desperation.  

I was crocheting until about an hour before trick-or-treating. And even though we didn't give them the candy they had earned, the babies all had a grand time.