Alien Onesie

When my husband and I found out we were going to have a daughter, I wasn't really sure how he was handling the news. I always assumed he'd be equally happy either way, but when we got home from our appointment, he disappeared for a little while.

I did NOT expect him to return with this little beauty...

 Yes, that's the  official  announcement

Yes, that's the official announcement

He said that looking at the ultrasound, that was all he could see.

After that the Alien franchise seemed to become a theme of my pregnancy.  We watched all of the movies with friends, just in time to see Prometheus  when it hit theaters (I STRONGLY advise against watching this film while pregnant - if you've seen it you know why). My darling friends posted things like this on my Facebook wall. I was apparently playing host to my own little alien. 

Now, I am really bothered by baby clothing with slogans like "It's All About Me" and "I'm Daddy's Princess. Bow Before Me!" I'm baffled by the thought that anyone would want their child to look like a self-centered creep. I'm also not a fan of imposing gender rolls on babies and am more than a little sick and tired of Pepto Pink and glitter being spewed all over the girl's department.

So I decided that my own little chest-burster needed an inappropriate commemorative onesie. 

 Sweet Tweety band-aid, eh? Thanks doc!

Sweet Tweety band-aid, eh? Thanks doc!

I'm a big fan of Skreened - you upload your design, and can order it printed on a wide variety of items with no minimum. So I just whipped up a little doodle, uploaded it, waited for a free shipping code to show up in my email, and ordered!

Do you make or design unique clothing for your little one?