Tip-of-the-hat Tuesday: Minion Edition

When I was about half-way through my pregnancy and my BFF Pamcake discovered she was expecting as well, to say I was excited would be an understatement. My family has a penchant for nicknames, and unborn babies are by no means immune. My own baby had been called Sprocket since before she existed, and as Pamcake is family (whether she likes it or not) her future offspring needed a name too. It took a while for us to hit on something, but when we decided on Minion, it just felt right. It probably had a little something to do with the fact that Despicable Me is a piece of cinematic genius.  

Naturally he needed a fine chapeau after his arrival. I'd seen a number of adorable winter Minion hats, but as the seasons dictated, this kid needed something to keep the sun out of his eyes. So I improvised. I used this basic sunhat pattern as inspiration and took liberties with color placement and brim shaping. The adornments were free-handed.  


How awesome is this kid's face?