Tutu Tuesday!!!

It's been a while since I've posted a Tip Of The Hat due to several horribly failed chapeaus... So let's have a little change of pace for the time being. 

My baby turned one recently (*sobs*) and as she was born on the first of the month, her 


birthday was also her 


birthday. Which obviously meant she needed a gold birthday outfit. As much as she and I both adore the King of Rock & Rolllamé just didn't seem right. Besides, tutus are what I know how to do! I had grand plans of a dress with a crochet top and little poof of tulle attached at the waist, but when I went rogue and decided to forgo using a pattern and bank on my wits, I found had made a huge mistake...I spent 2 weeks stitching and unraveling and restitching until I ended up with a tiny baby halter top that made it seem like the term 'hooker' wasn't so much about the tools of the trade, if you know what I mean. Maybe I could have a history making costumes for baby pageants like this one! I finally caved and decided a couple of things. This would be a TWO part ensemble (partially since the top could be made machine washable but the tutu, not so much) and I was going to *gasp* buy a pattern. 

Boy am I glad I did...In the time it took me to create ONE failed baby top, I was able to make one for my daughter, and two for daughters of my friends. And they don't look like little baby hussies. 

I love finding free patterns online and in craft stores, etc, partially because I feel like such a huge part of the appeal of making something yourself is that you don't have to pay for it. But even after the first time through this super adorable pleated halter top pattern, I could say it was MORE than worth the $5.50 purchase.  I'm intermediate at best when it comes to crochet and I found this pattern so easy to follow and the result so fantastic I couldn't wait to make another. 

Here's my birthday Buggle in all her glory. 

2013-09-01 13.58.18.jpg

Lesson learned - this top is too long and billowy to accommodate the tutu, so it didn't end up looking terribly put-together as an ensemble. But she got to try two different kinds of cake so I think she forgives me.