Candlestick Clothing Hanger

A couple of years ago my parents' neighbor had a moving sale. I ended up paying too much for a used lawn mower, but it was balanced out with a bunch of freebies, including set of old candle sconces. They were big, heavy and I had absolutely no place to hang them. But I'd find a use for them one day, right?? And so they sat in the garage until last week. 

Then inspiration struck! My friend Vanessa of 3 Hearts Style Studio had posted a photo of her own adorably re-purposed candlestick holders, which she had painted and used as necklace hangers.

 Cute, no??

Cute, no??

Brilliant! Of course my own sconces were about 10 times as big as these, so it seemed like overkill for a bit of jewelry. 

Then I recalled another recent dilemma. You know how sometimes you have clothes that just aren't quite ready to hit the hamper? Maybe you can squeeze one or two more wears into those jeans? But you don't want to put them back with your actually clean clothes. So where the heck do you put them?! The next thing you know, I've got a use for one of my sconces, and a place to hang my gently use cardigans! 

I ran into one small issue: the part of the candlestick holder I refer to as the 'wax dripping catcher' was a little pokey, and likely to catch on clothing and tear. As luck would have it, these were easily removed, and super cute on their own. And that's how I ended up having a spot to hang my necklaces after all!

I decided I liked the original color with my decor and opted not to paint them for now. I've also mounted the other to hang hats. 

What's your favorite re-purposed garage sale find?