More nursery wall art! Featuring an as yet unnamed whale.

Something really exciting about being in your twenties and *cough(thirties)cough* is that everyone in your friend group seems to be having babies. This benefits me in a number of ways: I have people to commiserate with at 3 am. My own child has built in friends. It's harder for people to judge you for going home at 7:30...

But one of my favorite things is that it gives me an excuse to make some silly little wall art that otherwise may not be well received (it's like people think their living room decor is more sophisticated than a whimsical drawing of a kid in a Burger King crown or something). 

Some dear friends (and Denverites!) are expecting their first, a baby girl. Mama is a freak for whales, and so I made them this. 

What do you think we should call her? Gladys? Wilma? Hermione? Be careful what you suggest, as I'm SURE the parents to be are easily influenced and VERY likely to name their baby after her first piece of custom artwork.