Mother's Day Toddler Crafting

 My little Picasso at work

My little Picasso at work

Gifting art is a tricky business as an adult. Sure, mom is thrilled when her child comes home from school with a new piece of art for the refrigerator. But when you're 30, it starts getting a little risky. Bring a grandchild into the mix and you can start cleverly crafting with your little one and throwing a little bit of your own flair in there!

I was having a hard time coming up with a project for Buggles and I to collaborate on for Mother's Day. I'm kind of over handprints as hearts or hand decorated picture frames, and Pinterest just didn't give me the inspiration I was looking for. I reached out on Facebook for suggestions on what to do and someone mentioned making masking tape canvas art. With my mom, mother-in-law, and Gramma to build Mother's Day gifts for, plus Papa's birthday being the same weekend, I doubted my tiny toddler's ability to focus on anything very big. But as luck would have it, my supply closet is lousy with 5"x7" mat board scraps. 

I strayed from the masking tape method and helped the Bug go back over the paint with white oil pastel to create the silhouettes. 


I wish I had taken some pictures of the process... If there is any interest in a tutorial for this project just let me know!

Happy Mother's Day!