A Car Seat Cape Fit For A Princess

Gone are the days of babies climbing around the front bench seat of the family's Buick. Car seat safety has advanced from what basically amounted to a lawn chair hooked over the seat back to give little ones a better view of the road to nearly Formula 1 car level harnesses.

 Hold on, Billy! There's a sharp turn ahead!

Hold on, Billy! There's a sharp turn ahead!

If you're current on your car seat safety, then you know that coats under a harness are a big no-no. And if you have a kid going through a phase of refusing to wear anything but dresses (like myself) then you have even more challenges on keeping them warm because everything "neeeeeeds to be pretty"... 

Enter: The Cape

I found this great *free* pattern on Ravelry, bought a crap load of yarn, and got to hookin'.

This is the largest crocheted project I've attempted thus far, and it was definitely time consuming, but worth it. I used a bit over a pound of Caron yarn for the body, and 1.5 skeins of Caron Super Soft (the party kind, 'cause it sparkles) for the trim and draw string. I made a small adjustment to add the arm holes in hopes that it would encourage her to keep it on.

The only problems we've had are that the hood is quite long and the cape is very heavy, so it has a tendency to fall off of the shoulders and pull down unless the drawstring is pulled very tight. I expect this to lessen as she grows. 

The real beauty of it is that to transfer to the car seat, all you do is pull down the hood, spin it around, and buckle the harness underneath! Much easier than removing the coat, buckling, and then unbuckling and redressing for warmth. On our maiden voyage, kiddo was even able to drink a milkshake (no judging!) while keeping warm. 

Here it is in action. 

Snug as a bug. 

 Always finish with a fancy button!

Always finish with a fancy button!